Programming – Portfolio

“Why would you want to program? Aren’t you an artist?”

It’s a fair question, I admit, but there’s also a simple explanation. You see, I’ve obsessed over the size of skin pores on a character’s face, I’ve dug deep to find photo reference of obscure purple minerals for texturing purposes, I’ve rigged characters with eight tentacles instead of arms, and I’ve animated walk cycles of gorillas and other strange beasts. One thing never changes though: it’s always hard to give up work into someone else’s care. It’s for that reason, above all else, that I learned to program. I wanted to breathe life into my own work; to program behaviors and quirks of character, and to watch as they fought among themselves and shed blood for my amusement. In the darkest moments of life, the light of creation has always soothed my soul, and the desire to make my own games has been a lifelong pursuit. I’ll be updating this page periodically with some code examples from GREEN KNIGHT, and if you have any suggestions, or criticisms, then feel free to shoot me an E-mail at You can also visit my Github.