You ever find yourself unable to focus on work because the playlist you’re listening to is just too good?

I was listening to one of Spotify’s personalized playlists today, and holy shit, I just kept thinking that each new song just made me want to drop what I was doing and go crack some skulls. In other days, that would have meant holstering up my revolver in Destiny 2, but at the moment, there isn’t a whole lot going on that’s “worthy” of note.

There’s grinding, but there’s grinding that feels like actual homework.

Bounties have always been a chore, and something that necessitate “checking in” with various NPCs at their stupid fucking locations, then scrambling to satisfy the requirement for said bounties while running through other activities, which is why you’ll often see people swapping weapons mid-battle to ensure they finish the bounty for getting 25 solar, arc, void kills, etc. It’s always been.. a thing.

My favorite part of Destiny 1 & 2 has always been the strikes/nightfalls.

With both, you’re dropped into a session with up to two other people, and run through what’s essentially just a dungeon.

Still, dry as that may sound, they’re enjoyable. They’re quick, unfriendly, and keep your own your toes.

They’re enjoyable.

…the first dozen times, anyway.

I don’t know why they don’t focus on making more.

I added a few more memes to the pile. There’s one about rough sex that I find hilarious.