There was a homeless woman sitting outside the drugstore, near the entrance. As I approached, I noticed a gaping wound on her leg, nearly a foot long, and poorly bandaged. To see a large chunk of flesh missing from someone’s body like that…

…I guess it makes me thankful that I have the life I do.

Grim stuff.

Sordid anecdotes aside, I think I have some good news to share.

That being said, I’m reminded of the first adage my grandmother ever told me, which was: “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

Definitely, an old one… but true, nonetheless.

I suppose I’ll hold my tongue, for the moment.


By now, you’ve probably heard of “Tiger King” on Netflix.

If you haven’t… then you will soon.

Personally, I just happened to see it while flipping through categories, and didn’t realize it was a new entry. I watched the first episode, and before I knew it I was talking myself into just finishing episode five and considering just finishing the series the same day. The next day it was all everyone could talk about.

I wish… that there words that existed… which would allow me to…

See, I just can’t.

While watching it, I found my mouth twitching involuntarily as I echoed the same sentiment again and again and again…

“OH WTF?.”



Just know that, if you have Netflix, then you’re sitting on a veritable goldmine of truly unwholesome, unique and outlandish entertainment.

And the craziest part?

It’s all true.

Just go watch it.

Watch the first episode, at least.

It’s one of those once-a-decade occurrences, and it’s impossible not be amused while watching it, at the very least.

Utterly Impossible.