“Man things”

February 6rd, 2017 – 12:01am PST:

I remember plenty of instances as a kid where my parents would have to explain what something meant because I was too young to understand. It’s funny how your parents/grandparents get older, and YOU have to explain things to them with increasing frequency.

Years back, my grandfather remarked that “A pair of lesbians are moving in next door”. Naturally I was confused to find the “lesbians” were actually two men. Even after I explained things, he never quite understood. Gay men were lesbians, as far as he was concerned. My grandmother, who was only marginally more aware of such things, was always annoyed by his usage of the word. Whenever he mentioned the “lesbians”, her face would pinch in a tight frown and she’d loudly exclaim: “HAROLD, LESBIANS ARE LADIES!”.

Old people. You gotta love em’.