When someone asks about VR technology… I feel like words consistently fall short. If you believe the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, than a single moment in a VR world is worth a million words.

But, again, words fall short. I can type and type and type, but I can’t really tell you the sensation you feel grabbing a sofa and setting it on the ceiling, or shrinking a potted plant to a hundredth it’s size at a whim.

Similarly, if you’re a digital artist, then I can’t tell you how much different it feels to escape your monitor and to create things in another plane of existence.

It’s just so different.

You just… have to experience it for yourself.

And, honestly, you’d be shocked how quickly your own world vanishes.

After just a few moments, you’ll lose track of time, and later you’ll find yourself trying to remember if it’s dark outside, or broad daylight.

Because, without realizing it, you’ll have been transported somewhere. And, if it feels artificial, then it’s only artificial at first.

I find myself grinning and laughing at so much.

I’ve updated the 2D – Portfolio section of the site, btw. Feel free to take a look when you’ve got the time.