The pork loin is cooking.

The sun is out.

Meanwhile, I have to keep track of all the layers I have in an Illustrator file lest I become confused and mix them up, with dire consequences.

there is one named: “INK – GUTTY INSIDE”:

Because, you know, sometimes you have to… like, draw the backside of something… er, transparent, and it needs to be a lighter color because..


Maybe you’ve never encountered that.

Well, That’s fine, but it is a thing, trust me.

It was while I was drawing a staff. In GREEN KNIGHT staffs function somewhat differently than you might expect from other SRPGs. I’ll get into that some other time, but to be brief: this one is a mustached, caterpillar-ish creature living within… the staff.


So anyway!

If you asked me what the capitol of Turkey is, I’d pause… my eyes would glaze, and after a moment I’d hesitantly utter: “Istan…bul…?”

This is something I’ve remarked on in the past, but it really amazes me how our minds capture and imbibe all this raw data, and (most of us) don’t recall when or where the majority of it originated.

I was on Amazon, and noticed that, apparently, the Turks really know how to build a motherfucking lamp:

When did I learn the capitol of Turkey, though?

I have no idea.

What about the chemical symbol for Magnesium?

It’s… um… ‘Mg’?


I know I always mix it up with Manganese.

One of them is ‘Mg’, and one is ‘Mn’.

Memory really is a funny thing.

When I’m drawing/sculpting, and I’m watching something, then the process of creating whatever it was and the movie/show that was on are forever linked in my brain.

If you pulled something art out of a pile on my desk, I could relate what I watched or was doing when I made it.

Is there a… point to that? A… use?

Why is it, then, that when I mean to spell the word ‘recieve’, I second guess myself, fuck it up, then have to correct it.

See how I fucked it up just now?

Yes, yes, I know… “‘I’ before ‘E’, except after ‘C’.”


Some memories are imprinted falsely, it would seem, and it’s… christ, it’s hell to align them with reality.

Equally strange, on (sorta) the same topic, is that there are often stories I’ll overhear, that took place when I wasn’t around, but through the years, as those stories are re-told, I often marvel at the recollection I bring to mind of the events.

Because what’s happening is, when I first hear it told by someone I’m imagining it happening… and over time, I refer back to the imagery my mind first conjured up during the telling.

So, like I said, years later, even decades later, I find myself marveling at the permanence and persistence of what is actually an artificial memory.

And the scary thing?

An artificial memory is as clear as any other of comparable age.

In the corner of the room, my laptop is frothing up blood as it attempts to render a scene far more complicated and lengthy than it is capable of doing justice in a manageable time period.

I feel ambivalent towards it’s plight, truth be told.

As horribly ambivalent, perhaps, as General Bethleham in ‘The Postman‘, when he orders the lead character to his demise by giving him only a knife to slay a lion.

Today’s art is from the some very, very early work of GREEN KNIGHT. With a fair amount of creative drift between then and now, it’s amusing for me to look back on.

I updated the meme pile, as is typical becoming typical for lazy Sundays.