The other day, while in an… uh, altered state of mind, I heard the voice of my brother, who’s a scientist. A Zoologist turned Data Scientist, to be exact.

He wasn’t there of course, but it felt almost like… his voice, but super-imposed over my own thought, if that makes any sense. Have you ever experienced anything like that? Perhaps… someone you trust implicitly, speaking to you through your own thoughts?

In all honesty, it reminded me of an old, old Star Trek TNG episode I once watched, where Riker had been abducted, brainwashed, and held in captivity.

At a certain point, under duress, parts of his mind represent themselves in the form of his friends, as well as a former lover. It’s a strange experience for Riker, and one he struggles to process and accept. Worf, for example, represents his aggression and warrior-spirit, while Captain Picard represents his intellectual side. Lastly, Diana Troy represents his emotions, and his sense of vulnerability. That’s how I interpreted the scene, anyway.

The point is, hearing my own thought in my brother’s voice was unsettling, but less unsettling than the words themselves. So, what did he say?

The truth. He voiced an immutable fact. How appropriate for someone who’s a scientist, isn’t it?

The video below is a timelapse of a drawing I did today, and the song is “Çaj i Zi” by an artist named Uj Pa Gaz. For the record, the video is playing at roughly seven times normal speed.

I sketch fast. Just not *that* fast.