I’ve had a craving for funnel cake for a few days now, and as much as I wish I could say there’s a giant plate of it in front of me right now, the truth is I’m eating a can of sliced pears.

Because, you know, health.

And stuff.

I have an optical mouse I’ve used for years, and it’s reached the precipice of death’s hallowed doorway.

It’s an inexpensive mouse, just a basic Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse 2.0. I’ve had nicer ones before, but this little guy… he’s reliable, lightweight, and… surprising sturdy considering his $15 price tag.

Utterly dependable.

But, after an afternoon on the train in my backpack, he suffered an internal injury, and now there’s something which has broken and started rattling around in his innards.

I’m contemplating cracking him open, and performing the mouse equivalent of open heart surgery, in the hope of remedying his ailment.

Alas, I fear there’s little I could do to ease his passing, and perhaps it’s time to send him on his way.

I’m still working on a new version of, but it’s still probably 3-4 months away from completion, as things stand. As I’ve mentioned, it uses WebGL, and daily entries are encapsulated in some nifty 3d containers that are pretty to look at, and vary from post to post.

Lastly, the snake photo above was taken while out on a walk one day last year, and I never quite settled on the right context to use it.

Pretty, isn’t he?

So very green.