With Sprinkles!

I gotta say, naming weapons is great fun.

The sword featured in today’s post got it’s name from the six colored power cells along the blade. I’ve always loved gritty, chunky art that doesn’t follow any rules or convention, and one of the artists that influenced me growing up was Simon Bisley. You can google him and check out some of his stuff, and one thing you’ll immediately notice is that nothing he brings to life is ever immaculate or pristine. Every sword blade, every helmet, and every knot of muscle seems to be carved and painted from some otherworldly clay. A true master.

So anyway, moving right along, there *should* be a comment section now, so if you know of a good lemon square recipe, or have a better name for some artwork I post, then feel free to show me up there. In the next few weeks I’ll be finishing up some stuff that’s been collecting dust on the shelf, mainly odds and ends, but a few portraits and some weapon designs as well.

Lastly, I’ll be in Seattle this weekend. As always, change is afoot, and I’m certainly never one to turn down a good ol’ adventure.