Fated End

February 1st, 2017 – 9:26am PST:

A little backstory here, our neighbors were strange people (who ever heard of a dog named Jonathan, anwyay). However, they had a second garage out behind their house where they kept their collection of arcade games. They had Asteroid, some racing game, and a few others. Always had to keep an eye out for the dog though.

Four strips into this comic and I’m starting to feel the burn. I keep thinking I’ll get ahead and finish a strip with time to spare, but typically I still end up scrambling to finish in the early hours of the morning. Time management isn’t my strong point, if I’m honest. Still, there’s something about completing a strip, when I finally add the title, that’s a huge rush. Afterwards, I often want to go back and work on it more, to fix various things, to make minor improvements, etc. That’s a slippery slope though, and I’ve always been bad about lingering on projects. I’m getting better about it though. It’s best to push forward, warts and all!

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