Many moons ago, I was fumbling around in 3ds Max for the first time, and finally located and clicked the “Render” button. I watched as the computer spat out frame after frame of a small animation in which ice cubes floated around in a cup of soda. The memory of that moment, twenty years ago now, has never faded. I’d taken a summer class at the Art Institute, in Dallas, and that simple animation was the start of a very, very long journey for me.

The ability to visualize and design characters and objects, and then to model, texture, rig, animate and render them, is profound and deep magic.

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  1. Hi,
    Will you be interested in
    Job Title: Technical Artist/Designer
    Company: Microsoft Team: Dynamics 365/Mixed Reality
    Status: Vendor(non-managed)

    Job Description: As Technical Designer, you will work closely with designers in a highly collaborative studio and have the technical and design skills necessary to quickly take an idea from concept to demo and work with shipping code. • 3+ years professional experience with product development / prototyping • Proven experience with coding and rapid prototyping with Unity, C#, Unreal, game engines • Proficient with professional software packages for 3D & 2D content production such as Maya, Blender, Illustrator, Figma, Adobe XD • Working knowledge of software and real-time lighting and texturing techniques • Knowledgeable in UX design & interaction design • Proficient with content versioning tools, Visual Studio or Visual Code, build processes and software development practices • Experience in shipping applications or software.

    Let me know if interested we can take your application further.

    Thanks Suma

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