I’ve got another chicken and guava episode all lined up.

I’m watching the second episode of Dracula, on Netflix. It’s surprisingly good, and very unorthodox. To be clear, though, it’s only based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, so if you choose to watch it… then don’t complain of the many departures from the book, as there are… many.

It’s a refresh take on Dracula, and while I wasn’t initially very impressed, I’ve come to respect Claes Bang, who plays Dracula himself.

What has intrigued me the most is his take on Dracula, as a character. At first nothing seemed particularly noteworthy to me, but as I continued to watch, I began to notice the delight the old ghoul takes in simply being himself.

Is that not the secret to happiness?

Being at peace with one’s own nature?

For a creature centuries old, having lost every trace of family and every connection to the world, wouldn’t you have to enjoy being yourself in order to go in? To continue yoking fresh wonders and new experiences from existence?

Somehow, he captures that, effortlessly. It’s challenging to describe, but if you watch it, you’ll likely see what I mean.

I’m typically much more likely to gravitate towards shows based on new intellectual property. So this is, admittedly, something of a rarity, as I’m officially saying: “Yeah, I fucking like this.”

It even has a chap named: “Jonathan” in it, although, he’s a far cry from my personality, and a pretty tragic figure all things considered. At least, from what I’ve seen to far.

But yeah, back to the chicken.

I learned my lesson last time. Super messy.

This time I’ve stripped down to my boxer briefs, and let me tell you, I’m ready.

Indulging my appetite is something I rarely allow myself much these days.

But goddamn if it doesn’t make the whole fucking world right before, during and afterward.

Sound familiar?