Admittedly Relevant

January 25th, 2017 – 6:37am PST:

It’s always enlightening to find out about the other applicants from a round of interviews. In this case, it turned out weight was actually a factor due to the scope of work. The server room itself was full to bursting, so there was only about a ten to eleven inches of clearance between the wall and one entire rack of servers. Poor planning, obviously. It also meant my employment was predicated on my ability to occasionally fit back there to fiddle with cables.

7 thoughts on “Admittedly Relevant

  1. Yeah, managers always seem to have good stories. One told me she didn’t hire the most qualified candidate from a round of interviews because he was eating a ham sandwich in the lobby beforehand!

  2. This is awesome and I am glad to see those art skills go to use. I will be following. You need to have a subscribe button so we get updates when you post the new stuff. I forget all the time.

    1. Thanks, Thomas! I have a custom icon made for an RSS feed, but I haven’t setup the backend stuff for it just yet. I think I should have it soon though. Is that what you mean?

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