March 24th, 2017 – 12:01am PST:

It is, perhaps, ironic… that I’m having… *deep breath*… technical problems.

Years and years ago, my grandmother would often call me up when she was having problems with her computer. I remember one occasion distinctly, when I helped her find the “send” button in her AOL E-mail client. At the time, I grinned and then jokingly chided her for forgetting where it was. The truth is, sometimes the fickle gods of technology see fit to shit on our heads and laugh, and we must simply muddle through things the best we can until a solution is found. This is one of those days.

I obsess over the quality of each comic, in the same way that some obsess over their fantasy baseball drafts. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s very difficult for me to post anything less than my best work. When I was out of town recently, posting sketches was an unfortunate, but expected, necessity. Today caught me off guard though, and as my attempts to troubleshoot and resolve the issue became increasingly more desperate, I realized that posting a sketch might be the only way to meet my deadline. To top it off, I accidentally ripped one of the sketches while taking it out of my sketchbook. *sob*