Mandarin Sumo

April 21th, 2017 – 12:01am PST:

I’ve never had a Mandaran Sumo myself, but I expect you have to defeat one in combat before you can eat it. If not, then that stupid fruit isn’t living up to it’s name. In an RPG, a fruit like that would be a +2 STR buff, at minimum.

When someone says they had a weird dream, I always ask for details. I love hearing about them, from beginning to end. I have a lot of strange dreams myself. Some are terrible, of course. Actual nightmares, really. I had a nightmare once that my youngest brother was murdered by a Mexican cartel, and I had another where I failed to protect someone and watched them fade away in my arms as they bled gravy from a head wound. Yes, that’s right. I said gravy. Dreams are bizarre.

I had a dream recently that was pretty odd. I’d relate it here, but I think it would actually be an interesting challenge to convey in a comic. Creative freedom is a great thing. Sometimes I wonder if you, my audience, ever think things like: “Goddamn, did he just make a comic about a type of… orange?” Well, yes, I did, actually. But did you laugh? Did you laugh at the fat cheeks, and the pugnacious expression of said orange?

In all honesty though, a year from now you may look back and think: “Wow, and here I thought he was nuts that time he made a comic about an orange.”