Machinations – Part 3

May 22th, 2017 – 12:01am PST:

As you may have guessed, the hapless Bish has departed to realms unknown and unknowable, having left behind a simple floppy disk in the wake of his explosive passing. A portent? A warning? Though he may lack physical form, perhaps he still watches from afar, somewhere beyond the light, and beyond human understanding. Perhaps time will tell. And then again, perhaps not.

Other than microwavable burritos, nothing has ever exploded in close proximity to me.

If you look at the first panel, I tried to draw Mort as if he was recoiling away slightly. The other day I read that, in the event of a catastrophe or disaster, if you’re explaining what happened to someone and they physically recoil away, it’s because they’re subconsciously distancing themselves from the reality of what you’re relating to them. It makes sense in a weird way. Unfortunately, when trying to mimic that in Mort’s posture, it ended up looking as if he was either:

A) Dancing
B) Slowly falling over.

I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes my “art skillz” let me down. Nine times out of ten, if a character’s hand is out of sight or behind their body, it’s because I kept messing it up and got lazy. Hands are a part of the human anatomy that, when well drawn, most people don’t really pay attention to. However, when drawn even slightly wrong, they immediately look terrible, and you can’t HELP but notice they look less like human hands and more like mole hands.