Last Tech Standing – Part 2

July 12th, 2017 – 12:01am PST:

Today’s comic doesn’t require explanation, which is fortunate, since I have something important to relate.

Today is important to the future of the internet. You’ve likely heard some mention of Net Neutrality, and what it means to the internet in general. In my opinion, it would be a mistake to allow internet service providers to prioritize the delivery of content. That seems like a slippery slope to me, and detrimental to the success of small businesses who lack the deep pockets of multi-million dollar companies. Years back I noticed a new company had moved in next door to the local Gamestop. The green lettering above the doors said: “PAINTBALL AND SHOE REPAIR”. Now, although that sounds like an odd combination to me, I still admire the fact that in this country a person can setup shop and start selling paintball equipment and offering shoe repair services if that’s their lifelong dream. If that individual makes a website for their company to drive sales and reach more clients, then it seems unfair that their website’s content wouldn’t be delivered at the same speed as the website of a giant company. If you agree, and have the time, then please consider expressing your opinion to the FCC and Congress. There’s numerous sites where you can go to do so, such as the following: