Last Tech Standing – Part 6

July 24th, 2017 – 12:00am PST:

You may have heard, but Pokemon Go Fest was this weekend in Chicago, and it did not go well. Fans from all over the country showed up in hopes of snagging rare pokemon, eggs and medals.

Unfortunately, all those smartphones started to take a toll on the cell towers and people started noticing problems playing the game. Eventually it got so bad that people weren’t even able to play at all, and the event planners made frantic overtures to the larger cell providers to help in any way possible. In addition to connection problems, the lines to get INTO the event were two to three hours long. The crowd chanted “We can’t play!”, and then booed the CEO of Niantic, John Henke, when he took stage to apologize.

People are serious about Pokemon, and the event planners are lucky things didn’t turn violent. Being torn limb from limb by rabid Pokemon fans would be a bad way to go.