Stick Life

October 4th, 2017 – 12:00am PST:

I ended up with two versions of this strip. One is a quick joke about the logistics of drawing a keyboard with stick figure art, and the other is about the will-sapping (yet often voiced) opinion that the stick figure art style is actually better then the regular art.

It’s an interesting notion, I think. Ultimately I’m (usually) making a joke, and the art is really just there to facilitate it. I have certain ideas myself of what kind of art I prefer, but I’m certainly not indifferent to other opinions, despite my disgruntled expression. You see, I often find the same type of thing happens when I critique my own art and taking a rough sketch to a final iteration. Sometimes, even without color or complete lines, a sketch will appeal to me more then the final version. Weird, right?

If anyone has feelings either way, I’d love to hear them. Just don’t say anything about that fucking keyboard. Don’t test me.