Erudite Guest Artist – “Mothership”

November 29st, 2017 – 9:31am PST

Today I have a guest artist for you! My very own mom made this comic at my request, and I’m happy to provide some context!

As kids, we’d stay up into the wee hours of the morning on weekends playing video games upstairs on our old Magnavox TV. The games changed through the years, but there were some staples that stuck around, like Smash Brothers, MarioKart, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. At times, the combination of laughing/cursing was loud enough to wake one or even both of the parental units. In those instances, we’d hear the weary tread of footsteps coming up the stairs, and panic would ensue. Tripping over furniture and controllers, we’d inevitably scurry off to our rooms at top speed, leaving the controllers suspended in mid-air for a few brief moments as several doors slammed shut in unison.

I was caught a few times myself. I remember my Mom’s angry visage, squinting and scowling, peering out from the shadows, and the way her eyes looked like half moons after having been woken up at such a late hour. Stern words and admonishments would follow, as well as an ultimatum involving the noise and the promise that further infractions would result in *serious* trouble.

Being a kid was great!