I usually take it as a compliment if someone asks what media I used to make something, because it means that they can’t tell simply by looking at it. What’s the fun in immediate understanding, you know?

The image below is an early version of this piece, and if you look closely, you can see a few of my finger marks on the right side:

I like working with lines.

A lot.

Some artists prefer to do a ton of legwork shading large swathes of surface areas, but that’s always seem superfluous to me. For me, lines make more sense. Lines can be bold and dashing, or they can be precise and intricate. With lines, one can quickly give form and shape to a person or object, and then when necessary, delve deeper with some light shading or a few scattered embellishments to cap it all off.

That’s my approach, anyway.

Here’s a few more versions from various stages in the process: