Why don’t you come to your sensessss… when you’re… out… uh…

Damn, I lost it. I can’t remember the words. I know some of them though.

Well, as the day winds to a close, at last, I ask myself: “Do I have the energy for one last thing?


No. Not that.

See, I kinda want to fit in an hour length timelapse recording of the process of inking and painting the concept for a shortsword in GREEN KNIGHT. It’s… pretty late though. But hey, sometimes the wind brings strange energies into play, and a man gets his second wind out of nowhere. We shall see.

UPDATE – 10:35pm

Welp, ’tis done! Gave myself an hour, and had 1:48 seconds to spare!

I’ll post the time lapse tomorrow, so check back, yeah?

Here are the alternate color versons, btw.

Which one do you like most?


Mmk, the video’s up! Have a look: