It’s so nice to finally be done for the day.

And then, to take a walk out in the open air.

I have today’s music ready for you! It’s here.

While I was out walking today, I noticed that the large metal sculpture in Redmond at 166th Ave NE & Cleveland St was being disassembled.

It’s basically a series of steel plates welded together to resemble a pair of submerged cubes. I’ve always kind of liked it, personally. I’m glad they’re moving it to Leary Way and NE 76th St, rather than trashing it. It has… a sense of permanence, in my opinion.

In this world, that’s unique.

In the second picture you can actually see one guy crouching on top of it with a blowtorch and cutting sections away, panel by panel.

Moving art… to another part of the city.

Times change.

I suppose there’s a lot happening right now.

There’s the impeachment, and China’s Coronovirus outbreak, for starters.

Chinese officials attempted to downplay the severity of this new epidemic, even internally. It cost them, and the virus was able to spread faster without transparency and public awareness of the problem.


A virus got a head start on an unaware population, due to corruption.

Then there’s the impeachment.

Yet again, a bid to avoid transparency. A sitting president’s attempt to circumvent justice through obfuscation and deflection.

Like it or not, tomorrow will tell us a lot about the current state of our government.

Today’s art, all the way at the top of the page, is of a character I had in mind for GREEN KNIGHT. The poor fellow was relegated to canon, purely due to time constraints.

Moving art… to the ol’ canon wagon.

He had a minor role, and was a seer who showed up near the last third of the game. There was something about his vacant, weathered mien that shone through from the first sketch.

Still, there’s always a ticking clock tracking the seconds and minutes of our lives, and we only have so many to spare for each pursuit.

Sometimes ya gotta drop one thing, to have something else.

If you’re here, and you’re spending seconds and minutes of your life to read this… then… I’m honored.