Nature’s Bandits

I almost hit a raccoon today.

I saw him scuttling toward the road and slammed on the brakes as quickly as I could. He escaped a grisly death, thankfully.

Raccoons are kinda like… nature’s bandits. Well meaning bandits, definitely, but still bandits. Those little hands can do amazing things, like open jars, for instance. When I was a kid, I was camping with my uncle when we heard noises coming from the picnic table late at night. We’d been sitting in front of the fire, and as I looked over, I could occasionally see their little eyes glinting back at me from the darkness. They were scouring the campsite for food, you see, and happened upon us while we were still awake.

The image above is a quick sampling of some class icons in GREEN KNIGHT. By that, I mean that they differentiate between various types of units. Normally I would elaborate more, but honestly, I have some cooking to do.

Not, uh, actual cooking, per se.

See, I started up an old save of Starbound, actually, in the hopes of finally trying every recipe in the game. Right now there’s some… fruit, I think, that I’ve never encountered before, but need for the last few recipes I’m missing. Neonmelon, I think it’s called. Apparently it only grows on volcanic planets, in a very specific type of biome.

Of course, that means FINDING such planets, using FUEL to reach them, teleporting down there, then scouring the surface full of strange creatures to find the biome in question.

Assuming there is one.

And all just to find some fruit.

Do I need to make the parallel to raccoons, or do you know me well enough that you saw it coming?