There’s a whole panoply next my front door, these days.

While walking out, it occurred to me I had more objects on my head than the rest of my body.

I mean, it’s bright out, so obviously I was already planning on wearing sunglasses/hat, headphones for music… and a mask too.

That’s four things. Just for my head. Like I said, a panoply.

The word originated in an era when suits of armor were ornate, all-encompassing, and damned impressive.

Anyway, switching topics…

Population decline has been on the radar for awhile now.

According to a fascinating study I read, it’s projected that the population will peak at 9.4 billion in 2064.

By 2100 the population will be around 8.8 billion, and 183 out of 195 countries will not have fertility rates high enough to maintain their population.

There are a variety of factors at play, but access to better contraceptives and higher education for woman is the largest.

I think of Germany, who’s seen their population drop for decades now, and it’s… just interesting. Really interesting.