Prairie Dog…?

It certainly isn’t a nickname I’ll grow accustomed to, and definitely not one I’d ever have chosen for myself, but it seems to be catching on rather quickly. Alas, to fight a nickname is to embrace it in the eyes of those who coined it.

Still, I am from the midwest… and I can’t deny that when I checked my bank account today and found my paycheck and tax return had both posted… it elicited a particularly varmit-like squeal of joy.

For some time now I’ve been dying to visit Tianmen Mountain, in the Hunan Province of China. It’s far from home and hearth, certainly… but the mountain itself is truly awe-inspiring, even in photos.

There’s a video that emerged of two stars fighting. Have you seen it already?

It’s far, far more colorful of a spectacle than I would have expected. I didn’t expect… so many hot, neon colors rippling through space.


I’ve been working on an alternate shader for Hucksterism and tuning the animation I mentioned a few weeks ago, basically just tweaking things here and there, as well as correcting minor issues I notice after having rendered out each firing mode from a variety of angles, and with different lighting. Doing so allowed me to spot a couple collisions, and more than a few gaps. All in all, while it’s pretty to look at, it’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

And what would that be?

Ah! T’would be quite a tale to tell, my friend.

Another day, perhaps.