If I focus really hard, then I can absorb rocks.

According to Rage 2, that’s how I can make myself faster, stronger, and more powerful.

Perhaps I’ve became jaded, but imbibing rocks hardly seems…


I did not know that Patrick Stewart starred in an adaptation of Moby Dick, and I found myself both intrigued and excited to watch it. The word ‘intrepid’ means to be both adventurous and fearless, and the rousing speech Jean L… er, Captain Ahab gives in the first episode is something to see.

It was also made in 1998, apparently.

I’ve been back into Destiny 2, but even with all the new weapons, I often find myself falling back on old favorites. As is often the case, some of my favorites, those I’m best with, have often been incredibly stupid looking.

In the first Destiny, it was ‘Trespasser’, a sidearm that shoots a three round burst that was perfectly suited to my playstyle. It was coated white, with lame blue-ish designs along the side that made me cringe to look at.

This time around it’s: ‘Death By Scorn’, a weapon whose name itself I do like. But, again, it’s a stupid looking gun.

With it, though, little can stop me.

As ever, it’s too much to hope I will gravitate and become proficient with something cool looking.

Instead, I run around racking up kills, but the weapon in my hands is an awkward thing to behold. I might as well be quacking as I kill.

There’s a drawer at the bottom of my freezer, which contains what I lovingly refer to as “Friday Food”.

Oh friend, if only you knew the many delights within that drawer.

I cast longing glances at it throughout the week, but there are many rules on the occasions that it’s treasures are plundered.

Right now, I believe there’s ‘7UP Bundt’ cake waiting within, which I’ve never tried before.

This sounds awful, but having switched to grocery shopping online, I’ve occasionally caught myself breathing hard unknowingly as I shop.

Breathing hard, and also salivating. It’s the weirdest thing, and I don’t know what’s going on. It’s horrible, and it makes me feel like some sort of half starved beast. It doesn’t happen at the grocery store, obviously.

I mean, it’s bad when you don’t intend to do any baking, but you’re looking at ‘baking bars’ and you’re thinking to yourself: “Ya know, actually…”