I love revolvers. Always have, always will.

I’ve made a lot of art in my day… but as much as I love revolvers, I never modeled one until I started working on GREEN KNIGHT. When it comes to ranged weapons, though, revolvers are it’s meat and bread, and I waited until now to carve out the Crème de la Crème. There are other revolvers in GREEN KNIGHT, but this one is special. It’s unique.

I named it: “Hucksterism”, and it’s a hell of a lot more menacing than the toy revolver I got for my fourth birthday.

It’s got a bit of my soul in it, ya know?

Up above you’ll see:
– Some early WIP work of Hucksterism.
– A few alternative color schemes.
– Some design iterations.
– Several stray renders.
– A set of mechanical hands fitted to match Hucksterism.
– A sample render of the armored shards that orbit around the wrists, elbows and upper arms of a specific character in GREEN KNIGHT.

Today’s work is brought to you by two large cups of coffee with cream and caramel, as well as a couple of exquisite blueberry donuts.

Alas, it’s a rare day that such indulgences can be permitted.

I headed to the grocery store after work, and passed a homeless guy smoking a joint just outside the exit. I looked up at the green lights atop the building across the street, re-positioned the 12 pack of toilet paper tucked underneath my left arm, and thought: “I guess this is Christmas 2019.”

My memory is such a wild, untamed thing. Almost entirely undisciplined.

Earlier, prior to reaching the checkout with my GIANT 12 pack of toilet paper, a girl I’d sat next to on a plane several months prior passed in front of me on the way somewhere else in the store. I remembered her face, because she’d explained that she was a nurse, who taught other nurses how to use lasers.

It’s lucky she didn’t notice me, or chose not to say anything, because although I should have been able to recall her first name, all I could dredge up was the quick moniker my own hapless brain assigned her at the time, which was: “laser nurse girl”.

It is… unbelievable how often that shit like that happens.

Speaking of memories… did you hear that Chuck E. Cheese has decided to do away with their animatronics? They’re ripping those terrible, wonderful creatures out of the floor, and instead, they’re adding tables, chairs and… dance pads.

Personally, I liked the animatronics. Don’t get me wrong, they were terrifying when I was a kid, but wasn’t that what made the whole fucked up experience a little exciting? Do you remember eating great pizza as those haunted, mechanically articulated eyes stared back at you? Despite wearing their matching, colorful shirts, and being layered in fur, and singing friendly, wacky music… I felt threatened.

I felt… distrustful.

“Mom says they’re just robots, there’s nothing to be scared of.”

“She’s right.”

“…isn’t she?”

I remember, quite clearly, thinking: “Mom might be wrong. I wonder how you’d even KILL one of those things…”.

I stared at them. Were their neck joints vulnerable? Where did one shot, or stab, a robot? I knew how to bait a hook, how to shoot a BB gun, and how to sew little sleeves for my pocket knives… but no one had told me SHIT about killing robots.

Still, despite the mistrust and paranoia, I always wanted to go back to Chuck E. Cheese. Actually, now that I think about it, they were called: “Showbiz Pizza” at that time.

Maybe I’m not normal, but I’m sad the animatronics are going away.

And sad I never got to kill one.