The box arrived this morning as I was making the second pancake.

I heard a knock, and my eyes widened.

It was one of those scheduled deliveries, where you have to sign, and they won’t leave it otherwise. They don’t wait long, though, and so I found myself answering the door with batter still on my hands.

Simply hefting it, I can sense that it contains pure and undiluted magic. The very stuff of dreams. I am not allowed to open it without adhering to a rigid set of instructions laid out in a carefully worded .pdf, and writing a report of my experience afterward.

Such interesting tasks.

I marvel at how easy it can be, in the light of weekdays, for so much to become mundane and reconcilable.

I blame the engineer, and his lack of vision. His lack of over-arcing sight.

He has his place within me, of course… but where logic ends, intuition must lead.

GREEN KNIGHT is coming along nicely. Most of the time it’s difficult to describe my feelings towards it to you, because I’m typically working far below the surface, where my perspective becomes limited to the dirt at my feet and the rock above my head. It is only when milestones are reached, however, that I feel I’m truly emerging to surface, and casting my gaze upon something larger than life.

Something grand.

And that is when I feel better equipped to set words to…

Screen? Webpage?

Guess I lost it there.

I finished up some work this evening while watching ‘Apocalypse Now’.

In such instances, I drift from desk chair to the recliner as the mood strikes me. Tonight I would draw part of the time, and stare intently as scenes of carnage and mayhem unfolded onscreen.

It is hard to believe that movie is as good as it is.

It is hard to believe that someone had the vision and the heart to achieve it, and to finish it. There are movies, and there movies.

You watch it, and you can see the care and the precision that went into depicting a warzone of such scale.

There’s a documentary about the making of the movie, called ‘Hearts of Darkness’. As I understand it, it’s quite good. I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching it, but… yeah. Some day.