The Territory

That’s me.

I meant to take a picture of a skylight the other day, and accidentally took a selfie because the camera was flipped.

The sun was peeking out from behind a group of clouds, and the rays of sunlight coming down through the skylight stopped me in my tracks. I can’t seem to let beautiful things go unremarked, but this time I captured something else: me.

I wonder how often I wear that expression… the one where I’m scrutinizing something in my head. When I was very young, I remember sitting at my little wooden desk and drawing people’s faces with all the concentration an eleven year old child could muster. Without meaning to, I would sometimes catch myself mimicking a person’s facial expression as I drew them. I knew instinctively that that was a good thing.

One nice thing about being an artist is that people quickly accept your quirks of character. They accept that you’ll speak your mind when beautiful sights present themselves.

Guess it goes with the territory.