I haven’t mentioned it before, but GREEN KNIGHT has a lot of weapons. From the start, I wanted to fashion a new type of asset pipeline that would allow me to model and texture weapons from the concept art I’d done in pre-production at super-fucking-light-speed.

Well, while it may not have turned out quite as fast I’d hoped, it’s still pretty damned fast, and best of all… it’s modular. For instance, with greatswords, the hilts, pommels, blades and grips are all separate models, which can be swapped out in between battles. They also correspond to various abilities and traits, as you might have guessed

I’m pretty proud of it. It works well.

The other day I mentioned a series of strange dreams in a post.

Well, I’ve got some more of those ‘dream quotes’ to add the growing list, but first, I’ve got to tell you something about almonds.

Yes, that’s right. Almonds.

I’ve always been pretty indifferent towards nuts. I mean, sure, honey-roasted Planters brand peanuts are great, don’t get me wrong, but besides that? Well… I suppose that both almond and macadamia flavored coffees are good, certainly. Pecan pie, too. Definitely.

That’s as far reaching as my nut appreciation stretches, personally.

Today I picked up some Blue Diamond brand “Smokehouse” Almonds.

Golly gee.

I was blown away. They were… great! Really blew my mind away.

If you’ve never had them, I’d highly suggest giving them a test flight the next time you’re picking up groceries. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I would even go as far as to say it’s impossible to be disappointed.

…well. Unless you have an almond allergy, I guess. In that case… um, sorry?


Well, are you ready to hear some more dream quotes?

Here’s the latest:

“Oh I remember, I just sat there for an hour.”

“That’s one of two things I take great pride in.”

“I wonder what it feels like.”

“UberEats? That sounds so… bougie.”

“Not the same. Not at all.”

“You’re a… sperm scientist?”

“You should probably stop playing games you hate.”

And then there’s the usual ol’ chesnut:

“There’s something you don’t know.”

Man… I really hate that one.

Again, and again.. and again…

I wake up, and the words are on my lips, waiting to be spoken… it’s maddening.

What’s it mean? Is it something I even need to know?

Dreams are enigmatic things, and there’s a certain satisfaction derived from experiencing them, and attempting to divine their meaning.

But when one repeats itself? Over and over?

My curiosity is killing me. What is my mind trying to tell me?