Today was one of those rare days where I made my ancestors proud.

I drank a sufficient amount of water.

I totally did.

It’s a fucking pain in the ass though, isn’t it? Scientific studies differ widely on the subject of just how much water you need to drink per day, but I’m pretty sure I typically fall short.

Who’s got time for that, anyway? Eight glasses? Twelve?

…maybe my ancestors wouldn’t be proud, but I’m certain they’d be in awe of what I can create.

And, with things as they are, there’s certainly been a lot of time to let the creative furnace glow cherry-red with heat.

Lately people preface nearly every other sentence with: “When things go back to normal…”

You’ve heard it too.

Personally, I prefer: “When the smoke clears…”.

So, for instance, I might say…

“When the smoke clears, I really want some great Mexican food.”

“When the smoke clears, I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine.”

That kind of thing.

Because, yeah, obviously things right now are… well, different.

The heat from the furnace, which is never on this long, is beginning to warp the wood flooring, and the paint behind it is starting to peel and flake away.

Still, I’m shocked people would protest. I’m shocked that some believe this pandemic isn’t real.

I don’t… get it. I don’t understand their rationale.

Go home.

Read a book.

Make some art. Build a sweet mailbox. Drink some orange juice.

Shut the fuck up and let this fizzle out.

That’s what the rest of us are doing.

Today’s art is a sword from GREEN KNIGHT. It’s one of the higher tier types, a variety of “Hallowed” weapon, which talk, and glower, and say mean things.

So! How was your Monday?