So… there’s more than a few cantankerous, old souls in GREEN KNIGHT. They’re characters whose souls have grown brittle and impatient having endured a lifetime of war and subjugation. Such souls, when they speak, *should* have voices that reflect that.

For awhile now, I’ve considered the prospect of voicing the dialogue for GREEN KNIGHT myself. I think, for me, the allure of doing so comes from the fact that I’ve created everything myself in the game from scratch so far; all on my own, and I kinda just want to keep it that way, ya know?

Like most people, there’s.. you know, a *few* accents I can pull off convincingly, and the rest are… pretty awful. I’m from the Midwest, so it’s easy to call up the ol’ country drawl, and nearly as easy to pull off a southern accent reminiscent of a native Georgian or Virginian.

My real voice, though, is now bereft of any regional give-away, or so I’ve been told by those I’ve asked. There’s an episode of Mad Men where the subject of ‘original accent’ comes up, now that I think about it.

However, despite my enthusiasm for doing the voice acting myself, I’ve felt some doubt that I can really pull off a diverse cast of creatures, born in different eras, and of different races. How about a creature whose voice is thick and gummy with rancid sap and decaying bark following a millennia-long slumber? Can I do that?

I tried it, earlier this week, and felt somewhat indifferent with the results. It was… okay? I guess?

But then… then I had this flash of insight as I was eating a banana. What if… what if…. I needed to take it further? What if clearing my throat and mustering my best voice for the character and then making my best attempt aloud wasn’t enough?

So, with a mouth half full of banana, I tried it.

The same lines, with the same cadence, and the same intonation.

And it fucking worked. It was perfect.

It had this… this hideous, burbling quality to it. Exactly as I’d imagined it.

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box, or with a banana in your mouth.


But anyway, afterward I randomly thought of the ‘Hank the Cowdog’ series, which my brothers and I used to listen to on cassette tapes as children. John Erickson, the creator, wrote the series, and did the voice acting himself, which is impressive, to say the least.

By the way, I’ve updated another section of the site, the PROGRAMMING section, which outlines some of my current projects as well as the technologies I’m using for each, and paints a more in-depth picture than Github is really capable of. I’ll be adding screenshots, sample code, and some light concept work to it periodically.