Ready For Adventure!

April 5th, 2017 – 12:01am PST:

For awhile I wondered what he was doing with a giant tree branch, and why he needed a coonskin hat to do it. Then I remembered, I used to do shit like that all time for no reason. Binoculars, BB gun and mud boots? Good to go!

In the fourth grade I sat next to the window and spent huge chunks of the day staring outside and thinking of drawings I wanted to make, treehouses I wanted to build, potions I wanted to brew, etc. There was a point that my teacher mentioned it to my parents, who then brought it up with me. You can’t change a person’s nature though, and as opposed to reprimanding me, my parents were curious what kinds of stuff I spent so much time thinking about. I still daydream a lot, and lately, even more than usual. I’ve had bizarre dreams as well. Whether it’s related to all the time I’ve spent making these comics, I’m not sure. Of course, when your mind is occupied it’s easy to miss minor things. I’m on another dumb health kick lately, but today I ditched my routine and headed to the vending machine to buy a Snickers. The machine takes cards, and as usual, I was thinking of other things as I went to punch in the number on the keypad for a Snickers. Well, I accidentally pressed 146, rather than 156. Instead of the glorious Snickers I was expecting, something else dropped out. Something that cost a whopping $2.75, as opposed to a $1.15 Snickers bar. It was called a “Bobo’s Original Oat Bar”, and the sound it made when it hit the bottom of the vending machine told me everything I needed to know. My face must have been at once both thunderous AND disgusted, since a coworker skirted past me quickly, as if I might explode any moment and start tearing the breakroom apart and flipping tables. I’m not going to lie, that oat bar thing was terrible. Never before has daydreaming cost me so much. Lesson learned. Lesson fucking learned.