Octo Mecha Kim Yong-un Tron

April 28th, 2017 – 2:10am PST:

In these troubled times, we must ask ourselves, does North Korea know something we DON’T? Are they harboring some secretive, game-changing weapon? Are the missile launches simply a distraction from the rising threat of the Glorious Leader’s final form? And, when he surfaces, can any of us truly hope to stand against the troubled fury that is Octo Mecha Kim Yong-un Tron?

Perhaps there is one strong enough to lead us, one who can rally the nations of the world to his cause from the back of his bald eagle. He is known as William “Wild Bill” Beckinger, and you would have to ask him how his eagle breathes in space, for I certainly don’t know.

When people ask me to draw something, they’re not usually so descriptive. In this case, I was given an ABUNDANCE of details. Hope you like it, buddy. It wasn’t easy.

I would also like to state that, despite the product placement in this comic, I’m not getting paid to endorse Funyuns. However, if Frito-Lay approached me, then I would undoubtedly whore myself out for them in exchange for a lifetime supply of oniony goodness. Hell, I’d even change Last Tech Standing to Last Funyun Standing.