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May 1st, 2017 – 1:19am PST:

Grammar matters. It does, really. Seriously.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “grammar nerd” until I read that article. With that in mind, I’m introducing a “grammar bounty”. What’s that, you ask? Well, if you find a true grammatical error (or misspelling) in the comic or the blog below it, then please indicate it to me in the comment area. If you’ve truly caught something I’ve missed, then I’ll gladly acknowledge that your grammar game trumps my own and agree to any drawing request you might have. One thing though, don’t cheat and use spell check, mmk?

I have color palettes setup for every character. It didn’t dawn on me until far too late that this comic would entail adding some… uh… additional skins tones… for myself. I already have colors for default skin, nose, lips, hair, beard, etc. It was a little weird adding “nipples” to the palette during today’s comic. Another first for LTS, folks. Glorious man nipples. Your welcome.

9 thoughts on “Grammar Nerd

  1. Additional *skin (no ‘s’) tones 😀

    My favorite explanation of then/than is from The Wire:
    You’re confusing “then” and “than.” T-h-e-n is an adverb used to divide and measure time…’Detective McNulty makes a mess then he has to clean it up.’ Not to be confused with ‘than’ most commonly used after a comparative adjective or adverb as in ‘Rhonda is smarter than Jimmy’.

    1. Shitapples! You got me! That one wasn’t intentional! And I totally missed it! You grammar queens don’t mess around!

      So, what’s your drawing request? 🙂

      1. It’s kinda my job 🙂

        Yay I’m excited I won a drawing since I missed the Twitter day fun! Can you draw me, being a grammar queen, with my cat? ?

  2. I have an additional non grammar related question… What does the tattoo on the tattoo artist’s belly say? And I’m guessing he’s into RPG’s to have “druid” on his arm. Seems like a cool dude. I kinda want his back story.

    1. Omg! Backstory is being requested! I’m honored!

      Well, he has a tattoo of his nickname: “FUCK TRAIN”. He plays WoW religiously, and settles for playing a Night Elf Druid, but would *much* rather play as a Dwarf Druid (it that were possible). He often wishes he could live his whole life shape-shifted in Bear form, since it would give him 55% more stamina (not that a guy nicknamed “FUCK TRAIN” really needs *more* stamina).

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