Grandma’s candy.

How’s it going, friend? How are you doing? Seen anything pretty lately?

What have you come here for?

Since you’re here, have a song.

I like talking about pretty things. I like building stuff. Drawing things. Shaping clay. Writing stories. That’s how GREEN KNIGHT came about, actually. A confluence of a predilections regurgitated from the depths of a frenzied mind. Some things gave me peace, but these days, I can’t stop thinking about the next phase of the journey, and what’s in store for GREEN KNIGHT.

I’ve taken my time crafting the cover art. Kind of like a tortoise: slow and careful. Occasionally grumpy. Shit has been weird lately, but you really can’t complain when inspiration shows up on your doorstep, hat in hand. You welcome him in, offer him some cookies, and then you ask to hear his story.


Point is, the cover art is done, and it’s beautiful. I love it.

It’s my best work, and I don’t say that lightly.

Have you ever seen old chewing gum baking from pink to maroon on asphalt in the middle of summer? Ever noticed one of those toy dispensers at a pizza place? You know, the kind where you insert a quarter and a plastic wrestler or a heart shaped lock comes tumbling out of the chute? The world is garish colors made large; but often beneath our notice.

…except when we dream.

My grandmother used to buy hard candy from the grocery store for me and my brothers when we visited. There was one type, I recall, which was white, with green and red stripes. It tasted a bit like peppermint, but… I don’t think it was. I tasted strange, and lingered for hours. As I came closer and closer and closer to finishing the cover art, I was reminded of that same candy, from all those years ago.

It’s always refreshing to hit the bullseye, and I always try to savor those moments as long as I can. Today’s victory is a piece of cover art, but what about tomorrow?