Pourin’ honey

Don’t read alone, listen to something. 🙂

A character design is, for someone like me, a sacred thing.

It’s a gentle, focused balance between form, function and color composition. I find myself pouring time into one, and realizing, slowly, that the best work begins to *glow* very early on. There’s something special, and magical, about work like that, and for GREEN KNIGHT, I wanted only the best. The best art I could muster, the best gameplay I could devise, all wrapped up in the story true to it’s own spirit and impetus.

Part of me wants to spill the beans, and I vomit up a frothing tide of spoilers about Gilgaphont, his people, and the way they make war.

But it’s best to open with a bang, I always say. So, no spoilers.

What I will say, is that Ruin Knights are a class in GREEN KNIGHT that love using poisons, toxins and spores to do their dirty work for them.

So, if poisons are your thing, then look no further. I don’t plan on having any restrictions on squad composition, really. Seems to me like you should be able to field whatever units you want, and damn the consequences.

So. If you want to run a squad of Ruin Knights, then you can do that, friend.

Those bells are going to make an awful lot of rachet though.

Just sayin’.