There’s not much that rhymes with ‘fickle’.

Do you remember when your teacher would say something like:

“So for those that are interested…”.

…and then she’d explain something she assumed no one was really that interested to hear? Well, the definition of the word ‘mickle’, in English, means: ‘A large amount of something’. And for the record, auto-correct hates the word. I always get a sick pleasure out of using words auto-correct flags, which are, in fact, actual words.

It’s like: “Oh I’m sorry, do you not know that word, auto-correct? Gee, I’m sorry.”

When I make concept art, I include a quote from the character, or in some cases, a quote about them made by another character. To me, it’s a good way to better showcase their personality, and their inner nature. The thing is, I don’t always get it right the first time, and sometimes I’ll try out a few different quotes alongside the concept art. Sometimes I’ll hunt through the script, and compare tidbits of dialogue for things that stand out to me, looking for that perfect morsel to use.

As a result, you’ll sometimes see some concept artwork with different quotes from the final versions I’ve posted elsewhere, such as the artwork in today’s post.

I got a mickle of quotes, ya know? *sniggers*

You probably thought I wasn’t going to circle back around that time, am I right?

Well, I’m glad I can still surprise you. I have a second post lined up for this afternoon, actually, and it’s some of my favorite work to date. I guess today is something of a double feature.

It’s colorful, it’s bold, and it’s… not quite finished. Workin’ on it though!