I love that word.

I really do.

Today’s post isn’t finished work, but it’s at a state that I enjoy the most: the sketch. By that, I mean the point where a piece of work is still in flux and being molded into something concrete and static. I’ll post the finished piece here later today. The hard cut off is 3pm. Let’s see if I can stick to that!

Polishing can be fun too, but the real magic happens earlier on as ideas flow and disparate chunks of content orbit each other and begin to coalesce.

Some artists find comfort in a rigid, structured approach to their work, but I’ve always felt at home in chaos and confusion.

Nothing is more fun than leaping from comet to comet; creating and burning as I go.

UPDATE – 3:03pm CST:

Final version is upppppppp.

UPDATE – 10:51pm CST:

Oh heyyyyy… how’d that NEW version get there? Huh! Crazy! I was dicking around with some of the finer details and noticed a small hair that was unattached to the rest of her face. After cycling through various layers and hunting for it, I eventually realized it was a hair on the monitor itself. If ever there was a sign it’s time to put something down and move on, then that was it. 🙂