Welcome back, friend!

So, how are YOU doing today?

I’ve spent the last couple evenings working on the site. There’s some new work splashed here and there, and I’m slowly adding captions, but just about every section was changed or improved in some way. Feel free to take a look.

So! The mechanized hands posted above? I used my own hands for the measurements, thus making them digital counterparts to the real thing.

“Oh but the things these hands have touched.”

They’re also featured prominently in the last level of GREEN KNIGHT. They aren’t finished quite yet, but I’m getting there. Most of the mechanical components are in place, but I’ve only layered on a portion of the armor shell.

When I’m doing hard surface modeling, I usually use a cyan colored shader. I find it’s easy on the eyes, and helps me spot areas of light and shadow as I’m bouncing along. Designing armor and mechanical subject matter is one of my favorite things to do, honestly. When I’m really in the zone, it’s fun to mix things up and drink/eat something interesting. As such, today’s work is brought to you by a frosty bottle of Sarsaparilla and a greasy order of hashbrowns.

I should probably ask: have you ever tried Sarsaparilla…?

It’s a bottled soda that tastes a bit like root beer. The most known brand is called Sioux City Sarsaparilla, and it was originally made from plant called Smilax Ornata.

Anyway, I have to say, it’s turning out to be an interesting week, isn’t it?

Scientists confirmed the existence of another 20 moons orbiting Saturn, bringing the grand total to 82. Isn’t it crazy that that’s something we’re just now finding out?

It blows my mind, but it makes sense when you consider that so many of our discoveries are made by analyzing the colors given off by a planet, and then correlating them to colors known to be emitted by various elements. Hell, sometimes we confirm that existence of a planet simply by waiting until it crosses in front of a star, when it reveals itself as a silhouette.

Before you go, take a look at this sculpture of a Hammerhead Shark, made entirely of… hammers!

It was made by an artist named Jerry Meyers. You gotta admire the man’s spirit, you know? Imagine driving around town and stopping at flea markets, and buying up every old hammer you could find. At some point… at SOME point… someone is going to notice and ask you what the hell you’re doing.


And then you get to say it.

“I’m making a life-sized Hammerhead Shark, made of hammers.”


The guy is 74, and a retired welder. He wakes before dawn, and makes this stuff from scrap metal, apparently. If you’d like, there’s an article you can read about his process. I read it myself, and if you don’t mind me spoiling it for you, the best lines was:

“I miss the dump terribly.”

See, that’s the kind of guy I’d go out of my way to have lunch with.

Jerry Meyers, folks. Brilliance knows no bounds.