Saturday Morning

Sketching from dreams is always fun.

Also, did you know it’s Saturday? Because it is!

When I was a kid, I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons in my pajamas, and being delighted when there was something new and strange to watch.

But these days, things are a little different. I watch documentaries on archaeology, medical science, physics, and a little Star Trek here and there.

After an hour or so and a few cups of coffee, I’ll shut all the electronics off. There’s a special type of equilibrium which establishes itself, in those early morning hours, and it’s something I’ve never really been able to mimic on, say, a Tuesday morning, with all the responsibilities that a day of the work week entails. Seattle’s certainly busy, but on a weekend, those same “city” sounds are comforting, ya know?

My great grandfather was a farmer in Oklahoma, and the last relative I know of that actually “worked the land”. I often wonder, in his time, was peacefulness common? Did he finish a task, and sit back to look out over a field and enjoy the serene sounds of birds chirping and the wind pushing slowly across the plains?

After the coffee and the rhetorical questions, I usually notice a sense of restless in my hands. The work posted above is from a sketch I started a year and a half ago, and dug up today to finish off.

So, have you ever had a dream where you observed a much older version of yourself watching a slightly older version of yourself doing something you haven’t yet done?

That’s tough to phrase! But you see what I mean, right?

If it comes true and actually happens, was it a prophecy? Technically speaking?