When I watch documentaries about coral reefs, I sometimes get a bit weepy.

I’ll usually notice that I haven’t blinked in awhile, and I’ll feel a tell-tale tension in my throat as I’m sitting there staring at the screen.

So many beautiful colors, illuminated by sunlight through the murky water of shimmering seas. The particulates that contribute to that murkiness I mentioned are minerals and the dust and debris of dead organisms, adding yet another layer of visual disparity and distinctiveness.

Then, I’ll feel a lone tear from the far corner of my right eye. It’s always the same.

At some point I’d like to go diving near a coral reef. I don’t want to take any pictures though, I just want to enjoy it, and commit it to memory, rather than missing any moments of import while trying to frame things in the camera’s field of view.

Such colors.

Such goddamned colors.

I’m testing some new shaders this evening, but stopped what I was doing several times to watch in silence at the footage of strange fish, like the Sheephead Wrasse, seen below.

They eat urchins.

You wouldn’t think it’d be possible, with all those spines, but they flip them on their backs and then rip their insides out through their bellies. Their insides are yellowish-gold, and look like pellets of Captain Crunch cereal.

Brutal, man.

You notice those derpy ass fuckin’ teeth they have?