Howdy! Can I interest you in some music for today’s reading?

So, how’s your day going, friend? What are you up to?

I just keep thinking that, if you stare at something long enough, it eventually starts to look like something else.

Clouds, for example.

Or the rolling dunes of an arid, but sparkling desert.

GREEN KNIGHT started as something else. Something completely different.

What do I mean by something else?

Ah, goodness me. T’would be a long, long story, my friend. Suffice to say, after a fair bit of trimming, and pruning, and not-so-gentle hacking, a brighter beast hath emerged.

Now two years into development, it’s become something I wouldn’t have thought possible to make by myself.

I’m proud of it.

And… it’s me.

From top to bottom, it’s me.

At no other point in my life, have I ever spent so much time on an endeavor. Never have I poured so much of my heart, my soul, and my energy into something.

Sometimes I feel like a squirrel that’s filled an entire tree with acorns, but keeps pushing harder, cramming yet more and more inside.

I’ve been… happily industrious.

And, other times, I’m reminded that there will come a day to set down the metaphorical chisel, and let this beast run wild and free on it’s own while I watch from afar.