I’ve felt the longing to switch things up for awhile now.

Many artists go their entire lives refining a very specific style and aesthetic until they finally croak, and their song ends.

But me?

I’m much more a chameleon than anything. There are undercurrents of myself in the mix: bold lines, and sprinkles of white and blue, but mainly I love variety: I love exploring new technology and tools, and finding new ways to make things that result in a different style and aesthetic.

As always, my eye is on the horizon, and what’s to come. To keep things uniform in a large project, though, means accepting that the look and feel of the work will settle, and that it will eventually become a matter of seeing it through to the end.

VOID KNIGHT travels in another direction.

As the sequel to GREEN KNIGHT, it’s a very different type of story, and a very different experience all together. You’ll understand what I mean, one day.

Until then..

…things are changing very quickly in the world not of my imagination.

It’s difficult, admittedly, for a society to understand it’s impact on the environment. For decades scientists have cautioned us on the changes we’re causing across the globe, but our governments have always been squeamish when it comes to enacting real change.

Have you seen photos of all that green algae that’s choking Florida every year?

There are scientists, now, who say the pandemic is a byproduct of some of the choices we’ve made.

Cities grow, and they encroach on the habitats of animals. Those animals, in turn, run wild until they find other habitats.

In the process of seeking refuge, organisms cross paths that wouldn’t otherwise. Typically, nothing happens, but it’s a game of chance.

But roll the dice often enough, and something does happen, and in this case it’s referred to as ‘cross-species transmission’, when a pathogen of some sort successfully leaps from one organism to a new organism.

It can lead to the consequences we’re living through now.

And just imagine…

…imagine if this isn’t the only pandemic of our lifetimes.

Imagine if it’s just one of several.